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After a first opening in Piazza Argentina, X MOO has recently arrived in China Town too, offering the same formula: Chinese street food.

The menu is short, after all the main dish is, as the title suggests, the moo: it is a sort of low and crunchy sandwich filled with different fillings. The classic one is pork, and that's what I tried by making me portion it in two: the taste is not bad but the problem is that overall the sandwich is really too dry and therefore it is difficult to eat one inside without interspersing each bite with a sip of water.

A Chinese friend told me that this dish is extremely popular in China but the authentic recipe contains more fat and a generous portion of sweet peppers (not featured here unless you add them as an extra).

The other specialties of the house include moo with other fillings (lean beef, fried chicken, roast pork), different preparations of noodles (such as fried noodles or cold ones with clams and shrimps), fried rice with sautéed vegetables and eggs, fried or roast skewers, milk or classic hot pot and some homemade drinks (plum soda, black tea with lemon, bubble tea and soda).

There are also off-menu specialities: hand-made dumplings, grilled dumplings and grilled bao.

The price is low and the type of food proposed makes X MOO optimal for a quick lunch or an afternoon snack. If only the recipes were a little more accurate, this kiosk with few seats would have an edge.

X MOO Cookingwiththehamster
X MOO in China Town | © Cookingwiththehamster
X MOO Cookingwiththehamster
X MOO in China Town | © Cookingwiththehamster
X MOO | © Cookingwiththehamster
Classic pork moo | © Cookingwiththehamster

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📍 Piazza Argentina 4, Milan 📞 02 3676 7487

📍 Via Paolo Sarpi 26, Milan

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